About Mihai Dobre

  • I am Mihai Dobre and I love the digital world and the possibilities it offers to who is willing to give it all.

  • Who I Am

  • I am a professional web designer, I am addicted to online marketing and the world of digital marketing

  • Mi Mission

  • Mi mission is to teach and guide others on how become good on what they love to do! Marketing, Adwords, Social Networks..

  • What I Do

  • I offer articles and tutorials of Marketing and digital communication, social networks, monetization, web design, etc.

  • This is the story of my life

  • I really like to help and give all my support to companies and individuals around the world. For this I created this website where strategies are defined and digital communication actions are implemented in a completely personalized and also FREE. The implication, the closeness, the professionalism and the care for detail are the values that define my work. I do not WORK to make a profit with this! I simply share and help companies and individuals with my knowledge and skills. I have been helped by other proffesionals in the industry to find the key to success.

  • Why Mihai Dobre?

  • I Am

    I am your partner, your advisor, your key, your solution.

  • I Help You

    I help you to evolve in this new era of digital marketing, in this new era of SEO in which it is not enough just to be creative to succeed, in which so much noise requires a new approach, know how to choose, in which the traditional sale it has been left for the nostalgics.

  • All in one for FREE

    In my blog i offer you articles about: Web design, SEO, SEM, Social Network Management, Competition analysis, Hosting Systems, Training, Comprehensive maintenance, Consulting and Advice.

  • Do You Want More Traffic?

    Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Would you like me to help you to start a new project?