The best digital marketing tools for your dropshipping store

Why do you need to use digital marketing tools when running your dropshipping business? Well, digital marketing is a very broad concept and involves not only working with your own store, but also with a number of marketing channels. In short, digital marketing is about using the Internet, mobile devices, email, social networks, search engines and other channels to reach consumers. It is obvious that if you want your store to be successful, you need to use different digital marketing tools.

Online marketing is different from digital marketing. Online marketing is advertising hosted exclusively on the Internet, while digital marketing can be done through mobile devices, on the subway platform, through a smartphone application and much more.

However, today we will talk specifically about aspects of digital marketing that you need to pay attention to when working with your website and tools that will help you sell more products in a short time.

Digital marketing tools: SEO

Digital marketing tools SEO

You’ve probably already heard the three magic letters “SEO”. They mean search engine optimization which is the most powerful and very important tool for promotion. Its purpose is to elevate the advertiser’s site in the search engine result pages for thematic queries. The higher the ranking of your online store, the sooner users will see your store on the search engine results page, which is very important. When a person searches for something on the Internet, will they click on page 8 or 12 of Google? Maybe, but only if they are a student. Usually, when searching for something on the web, the user initially pays attention to the first sites offered by their search engine.

When optimizing a website, attention should be paid to the following types of SEO:

  • keyword optimization

It is important to find keywords that are typical for a given niche of your dropshipping store and also for all the content of your site.

  • content optimization

When optimizing content, attention should be paid to the following: all website texts are optimized in such a way that it is interesting for both real visitors and search engine robots.

  • optimization of page titles

It is essential to take into account the optimization of the home page of the site. Many site owners ignore page titles, but this is not desirable, as this element still has a high enough priority for search engines. Therefore, you need to place highly relevant keywords in the titles of your website’s pages.

  • link optimization

Many entrepreneurs also optimize links, although it is not as efficient as other types of SEO. But it’s not worth doing either.

  • optimization of metadescriptions and meta tags.

Metadata and meta tag optimization works well to get your site higher rankings in search engines.

HOWEVER, it is always necessary to be careful, because when modern search engines find excessive use of keywords, they instantly consider this content as spam.

So, as a dropshipping store owner, you have a very clear goal: to optimize your store pages as best as possible. By following certain SEO rules, you can quickly bring your site to the top positions in search results, so you’ll increase the flow of organic traffic and occasionally have sales.

To make sure you’ve done everything right, check out our e-commerce SEO checklist: Is your dropshipping store perfectly optimized?

The customer has visited your site: How to make him buy here and now?

How to make him buy here and now

Let’s talk about how you can motivate existing customers to make a purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to automate the processes described below, I recommend that you use these add-ons, which are additional software tools that extend the functionality of the online stores created with the AliDropship plug-in. They are designed to improve the image of your dropshipping store, increase the average order value or the conversion rate.

  • The product texts and images are your main digital marketing tool: all descriptions and images must be attractive since this is the first thing the site visitor pays attention to. Therefore, everything must be visually beautiful and of high quality. All product descriptions must be clear and understandable. Also, sometimes it happens when the page has already loaded, but the images are not displayed. That also leads to a negative user experience where visitors simply give up on shopping at your store, so you have to take into account the SEO of images on your website. With the SEO Image Optimizer add-on, you can dramatically improve the performance of your website, increase the loading speed of the pages, perform SEO image optimization and much more.

image optimization

Launches SEO image optimization with a new SEO tool Review

  • How else can you gain the trust of potential customers? The answer is simple: through social networks – become your customers’ friend! SMM or social media marketing is extremely important for all types of businesses. By regularly publishing content that is interesting and really necessary for your subscribers, your audience will constantly grow. You can say, “this is all fine, but I don’t have time to think about social media posts and accounts every day, I want to spend time on other important aspects of store management”, uh, this is not a problem. Just use the Social Rabbit add-on that offers a wide range of features. With its help, you can run your social network accounts on autopilot, and all your posts will look like you spent hours creating them.

social rabbit automate social networks

  • One of the strongest motivations for impulse buying is the fear of losing an opportunity to purchase the desired product (especially if you have a discount). A sense of urgency allows a potential buyer, after seeing the product he is interested in, to make the decision to buy it immediately. No one wants to miss a good opportunity, right? so how do you create a sense of urgency? For example, you can use banners or pop-ups that notify viewers about a limited offer they might miss. Also, the use of a countdown timer on such banners is quite common.

create a sense of urgency

All of this shows your site visitor that your store is very popular and the products are in high demand, so they may not have time to buy what they need. The best tool to create the desired urgency that will motivate the store visitor to make an instant purchase is the Urgency add-on. With its help, you can easily create the image of a popular store where products fly off the shelves.

  • To create a profitable online store, you have to increase the average order value, (i.e. how much customers spend on average). With the Product Set add-on, you can easily increase the average cost of your items by combining products into sets with just a few clicks, attracting customers and doubling your profits. What’s the best way to combine products? Practice shows that one of the best options is to combine related products. What does that mean? Well, for example, if when you buy a cell phone you are offered a hair clip or a coffee can as a small gift, you will find it strange, won’t you? When grouping products, think of related things that complement each other. For example, when buying an electronic device, a person may need batteries, when buying a computer mouse they may need a pad. Remember that offering different accessories for the main product is a very popular practice.

average order value

  • Imagine how great it would be not to lose customers who, distracted by something, left products in their shopping cart and abandoned the site, but return them, right? Yes, this is possible! To get these customers back, you can send them emails reminding them that they have products they would like to buy. And if you still offer a discount, your offer will be more convincing, so sending a promotional code along with your email is a very good idea. To automate this process, use our free Abandoned Cart add-on.

abandoned cart dropshipping

  • Be sure to consider solutions that will increase the site’s trust. What is the first thing store visitors do when they make the decision to buy a particular product? That’s right, they read the comments. The opinion of other similar buyers directly influences the final purchase decision, especially if the comments also have pictures of how this product looks in real life. The point is that people trust other real buyers’ product reviews much more than they trust trade descriptions and even what the seller says. Good reviews will help increase your store’s organic traffic, rating and authority. So make sure you add them to your online store!

reading client reviews

By the way, you have a real opportunity to automate even this process! With the Add-on Comment Page, you will increase your sales incredibly and gain the trust of your customers.

  • Trust badges will also help increase customer confidence in the brand and the website. These are special symbols and logos that indicate the security of the site. In most cases, they are found at the bottom of the web page. Remember that all trust markings used must be authorized. For most users, it is very important that the site has some kind of protection against viruses and malware, otherwise, they will not even consider making a purchase there.

trusted badges and payments

Digital marketing tools: final thoughts

As you can see, for your store to work at its best, you need to take into account many things. You can create banners yourself, send emails, search for keywords, add comments, but if you want to save time and energy and concentrate on any other aspect of improving your dropshipping store, just use our add-ons (the list is updated regularly!) and enjoy the smooth running of your store! You can always create your own combinations of our add-ons according to your goals and the types of products you sell, and thanks to these digital marketing tools your sales strategy will be greatly improved.

Of course, if you feel like buying a completely ready-made store that can generate income immediately, you can do it easily and not worry about anything, since all the necessary add-ons and other things are already installed and working! By the way, if you don’t already know, one of our premium stores, namely Auto Merch, generates $2,000,000 per year, which sounds crazy, right? So, if you’re ready, don’t miss this great opportunity 😉

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