Dropshipping Aliexpress WordPress

Dropshipping Aliexpress WordPress

Having an Aliexpress Dropshipping store with WordPress is the easiest way to start a dropshipping business with Aliexpress worldwide. With this service, you will get a custom dropshipping store designed with WordPress that will run on autopilot and bring you profits year after year.

What’s included in the Dropshipping Aliexpress WordPress store design

Search & Import

Using different filters integrated into your new Aliexpress dropshipping store, you easily find the desired products on AliExpress to add to your website in simple steps with the help of the WordPress dropshipping plugin.

Automatic updates

The automatic update system of the WordPress dropshipping plugin installed in your store will update the information, prices and variants of your product with the latest data from AliExpress. You focus on sales!

Pricing Automation

You can use an advanced price marking formula to apply your rules for specific products or all items in your store, in a word you will be able to set your profit margin!

Automatic Orders

You don’t have to order all products manually on Aliexpress. Just click the “Order” button and confirm the order on AliExpress. Simple like that!

ePacket Shipping Filter

Find products easily with the ePacket shipping option or the AliexPress Standard shipping option to offer your customers a fast and free delivery service.

Order tracking

The WordPress dropshipping plugin installed in your store checks your orders to track updates and sends email notifications to your customers automatically when the status changes.

Professional Store Design

You will have a clean and SEO-optimized design and speed for WordPress depending on your industry that you can easily configure, change and customize.

Product customization

You can edit products at any time: change titles, descriptions, images, prices, variations, or even add your own products and sell them.

Unlimited Products

In your new dropshipping store there will be no limit to the amount or type of products you can sell in your online store. Always depending on the version of the store you purchase: Dropshipping WordPress or Dropshipping WooCommerce.

Product variations

You can offer different variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more. You can add or even remove variations that don’t work for you – it’s that easy! Work with just a few clicks!

Technical Support

You will have included in any plan 1 week of technical support for last-minute small changes or specific changes of images or texts.

Image Editor

Included in your store a powerful tool designed to edit images before importing them to your store from AliExpress and make changes to product images directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Discount Coupon

You can run flash sales and promotions by offering coupon codes that save customers money. Choose if the discount is for quantity, a percentage off, free shipping, etc, gifts, and more. You choose!

Product Reviews

Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews to your site directly from AliExpress, you can import new reviews with a simple click directly from Aliexpress!

Abandoned Cart

Shopping cart abandonment happens for a variety of reasons and mailing (with follow-up emails) can be the best way to recover lost or abandoned purchases by your customers, with this tool included in your store you won’t have to worry about it anymore! Available for both WordPress and WooCommerce.

SEO tags and keywords

You can optimize your product pages for search engines with product specific meta tags, titles, descriptions, and keywords to increase SEO in your dropshipping store. If you need a more powerful SEO plan you can see my eCommerce SEO service for Dropshipping ( not included ).

E-mail lists

The dropshipping plugin installed in your store collects not only the emails of your customers but also the emails of the users who left their contact details on your website but did not complete a purchase. This will be possible with the help of the “Abandoned Cart” tool!

Live statistics

After finishing the design of your dropshipping store I will connect your Google Analytics account to the plugin to get detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources. You can see everything in a single dashboard on your website.

Inventory management

Manage your entire inventory with a simple click. Keep track of stock and stop selling products when the supplier’s inventory in AliexPress is at zero. It is an automatic process that will do it by itself anyway. If the inventory is set to zero in Aliexpress in your store it will be the same.

Upgrades and support

When you buy one of my dropshipping stores you will get full support for the first 2 weeks. This way you will focus on your business and marketing plan to attract new visitors and revenue.

NOT included in the Dropshipping web design service with WordPress?

Hosting and Domain

You will need the hosting and the domain name if you don’t have them. The domain name will be your brand name and you will have branded emails. If you need help just let me know here.

I would recommend to you FastComet to start with. If you have any questions contact me without obligation, I’ll be happy to work with you!

Creation of contents

I will take care of creating your blog page so you can publish your articles and news to keep your users and clients close to you.

I will also put articles in draft mode so you can see how they look like, but I need you to understand that I do not write or create the content of your articles. You will have to do this when I give you the website. As an additional service, you can contract the SEO-optimized copywriting service for Dropshipping.

Creation of social networks

The client will be in charge of creating all the accounts for the social profiles that need to be integrated into the new website. Also if you need help with these tasks let me know.

I will take care of associating and adding the links of your social networks with your website.

Logo design

I am not in charge of designing the logo for your project as I am not a graphic designer. You will have to send it to be ready to be uploaded to the web.

If you need one, I can put you in contact with a collaborator to design your logo at a good price.


Create easy-to-use, full-featured dropshipping eCommerce stores with WordPress. Adapted to all devices.

I take the time to understand my clients’ industry, objectives, and target audience. I then develop a design and marketing approach that meets your needs, maximizes your budget, and gets results.

An e-commerce website is more than just the digital face of your store. It is also the gateway to all your inventory, billing, and payment systems. I can help you integrate all those systems to gain and keep more customers. With my WordPress dropshipping website with Aliexpress, you can increase your conversion rate and grow your bottom line across all devices.

My WordPress online store web design and development system focuses on providing the user with a clear path to purchase, persuasive messaging, and powerful calls to action.

WordPress web template configuration

This service includes the WordPress optimized web template for dropshipping to customize your website.

Dropshipping plugin installation

You will have installed and configured the best plugin for dropshipping with Aliexpress, to edit your pages quickly and visually.

Creation of Pages and Menus

I will create your Home, About Me, Blog, Services, and Contact page, plus the main and secondary menus. Include the possibility of having a navigation menu for the footer as well.

Basic SEO Optimization and Analysis

will set up basic SEO for your new Dropshipping store with WordPress. It also includes a Google Analytics account to track your visits.

Custom Dropshipping web design

I will adapt the colors and typography to your taste, according to your personal brand, and also, I will insert your logo and favicon in your store.

Dropshipping Store Technical Support

Once your website is delivered, you will have 2 weeks of support to ask questions about the operation of your online project.

Free access to my blog

Learn the best dropshipping tips & tricks with my blog articles so you can learn how to use WordPress tools for online stores on your own. They are articles created and based on my own experience..i.e. I have tested everything before converting them into blog posts.

On many websites, this type of item is not included and is paid for.

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  • WordPress Store - $750
  • WooCommerce Store - $950
  • Shop Redesign - More info
  • Other - $0
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  • Basic SEO - $99
  • Advanced SEO - $300
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  • 1 social network - $30
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  • Built-in signup form setup - $100
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  • 1 Ad Pack - $50
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  • 1 Ad Pack - $50
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  • 3 Ads Pack - $190
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  • 4 emails Pack - $120
  • 8 emails Pack - $195
  • 16 emails Pack - $300
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  • Standard niche - $60
  • Advanced niche - $120
  • Ultimate niche - $275
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  • Yes i need this service - $100
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Do you need custom functionality / Are there sales or lead targets you would like to achieve / Do you need to launch the website by a certain date?

Note: All the extra addons you choose includes installation and configuration as per your shop needs. If you have doubts or concerns contact me.

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