Dropshipping Freelancer

Dropshipping freelancer expert to increase traffic, sales, and profits for your eCommerce business and brand.

I am a digital marketing expert & dropshipping freelancer specializing in e-commerce growth & sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Email marketing and SMS
  • Google search ads
  • Instagram growth and management
  • Google Analytics
  • CRO

🥷 Dropshipping freelancer & marketing expert with WordPress & WooCommerce.


Growing an e-commerce business requires experience, creativity, and time.

Hire my Dropshipping services. As a freelance, I’m cheaper than the average full-time eCommerce marketing agency in the US and UK.

This is how you grow a successful business. You have to set a goal, but have elaborate plans that help you reach that goal step by step.

You want to get more traffic and sales with your Shopify store.

But choosing the right marketing channel to invest in or scale is difficult.

I’ve been working with Shopify individuals and companies since 2014, so I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to eCommerce growth.

The truth about eCommerce sales is that more revenue does not necessarily mean more profit.

I help you choose the right markets, sales channels, pricing models, and marketing strategies.

I test and refine your strategy and optimize it for profit.

Dropshipping expert Freelancer – I HELO you growth of your e-Commerce

Retail Sales

I help retail brands increase their online sales. Traditional retail is changing, I facilitate the transition to direct-to-consumer sales and maintain profits.


If you have a wholesale business looking to increase sales through direct-to-consumer sales, I’m here to help you grow recognition and branding.

Existing Brand

You have a strong brand on Shopify, but want to grow. I can scale your sales channels, help with attribution analysis and increase profits with optimization.

New Brand

Even if you are starting from 0 I can help you with traffic and sales. With services starting at only $300 USD per month I fit any budget.

About Me

Freelance web designer expert in online stores with WordPress + WooCommerce and other platforms. I can help you with marketing for WordPress, focusing on growing eCommerce businesses. I work with many existing brands as well as new ones. This allows me to offer competitive pricing and quality services whether you already exist or want to start from scratch.

  • Productive and quality services
  • Monthly cancellation at any time, transparent pricing
  • Scalable plans to grow with you and your business
  • No hidden charges or hourly rates
  • Modern tools and solid standard operating procedures
Dropshipping Expert Worldwide

I am a fully remote company ( Freelancer ) founded in London, UK. I work with brands in Spain, the USA, Australia, UK, and the EU, among others. I also work with all types of businesses, individuals, small and large companies.

I care about your business

I know that growing a dropshipping business with Aliexpress is a serious investment, and I don’t take it lightly. I have worked with individuals who had nothing to start with but then have seen their sales and turnover grow. That’s why I prioritize communication and customer service.

dropshipping freelancer

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