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Dropshipping Personalized Store

Have you ever stopped to think about how good it would be to have an online dropshipping business at a low cost?

Creating a cheap, successful dropshipping personalized online store is essential in an economy where electronic sales are booming.

To sell products on the Internet quickly and efficiently involves the process of making the right decision regarding the hosting you have to hire, the e-commerce platform to use, its integration with the CMS system, and the ease of administration.

Nowadays there are specialized e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop, Shopify, or Magento, their use implies extra costs, monthly payments… and high technical knowledge.

In order to create an inexpensive drop shipping online store, I recommend the versatility and accessibility offered by WordPress + WooCommerce, in conjunction with the best dropshipping plugin in 2020.

Next, I tell you why it is the best option.

Important steps to create an inexpensive dropshipping online store

To start with your dropshipping journey you need to make a minimum investment in the following points:

  • Domain Name
  • Dedicated hosting for online stores
  • Optimized premium theme or template
  • e-commerce platform ( WordPress + Woocommerce )
  • Payment gateway: Paypal & Stripe
  • SSL Certificate

In order to market online using WordPress, you must contract good hosting I will explain this later.

Security and protection of sensitive data are very important, and paying for an SSL Certificate is indispensable. It takes care of encrypting data such as credit card numbers, among other information of your customers.

The theme or template optimized for speed and SEO is another aspect to highlight. I recommend using premium themes and templates. These will allow for greater versatility when it comes to customizing the online store.

As for payment methods, you will have to integrate with services such as PayPal Pro and Stripe.

Once you have covered the above aspects, the next step is the integration of the dropshipping plugin to your platform and to your website.

Create a cheap drop shipping online store with WooCommerce

For individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, creating the cheapest drop shipping online store using WooCommerce is the best and most economical option if it is a standard online store that is focused on sales only. It allows you to change the design of the theme and adapt it to your business needs.

Woocommerce is a free plugin, compatible with WordPress, that turns your website into an online store.  It is perfect for any type of store, no matter how many products you have.

In addition, the combination of the CMS with this plugin forms a powerful set, among which stands out:

  • It is cheap.
  • Simple and intuitive control panel.
  • Native blog perfect for a content marketing strategy.
  • Integration with other WordPress plugins
  • Easy integration with the most used payment gateways.
  • Perfect for structuring and SEO optimization.

In addition, the lightness of WooCommerce allows you to add functionalities as you need them, thanks to the paid plugins.

How much does it cost to create a drop shipping online store?

The cost of an online store will depend on the services you hire. In general, setting up a basic online store on your own would cost around $500. But apart from this investment, you will need the necessary knowledge to develop it, configure it, and optimize it to obtain good results.

Now, I tell you the truth that WooCommerce is easy to set up compared to other e-commerce platforms, it takes time and experience to do it correctly and efficiently.

Knowing how to integrate and configure the plugin with WordPress, configuring payment methods, which plugins and extensions to add, which pages to create, protecting your online store from attacks, and optimizing it so that Google indexes it without problems, could take months of testing or even more.

The advantage of all this is that an online store works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it will constantly generate money for you if it is done right from the start.

If you do not have the necessary time or knowledge, but need to create your online dropshipping store immediately, do not hesitate to contact me, because I offer a service for the development of personalized dropshipping online stores.

Do you want to create a website for your online business? Do you want to ask for a quotation for the development of the online dropshipping store according to your needs? Contact me. I will answer you as soon as possible. That’s a promise!