eCommerce Marketing Services

I offer eCommerce marketing expert services in London & UK.

I am an expert in eCommerce marketing services and I work with: email marketing, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram ads, sales funnels and much more.

Digital Marketing Services UK

Today, digital marketing services encompass everything from automated email campaigns to text messages, shopping channels like Google Shopping, social marketing with Facebook and Instagram and even things like blogging. I’ve been helping Shopify and WooCommerce shops convert visitors into sales and keep them coming back for repeat business for over 7+ years.

What I like to use for the eCommerce digital marketing services UK

There are many avenues to work with, but these are the big players to get traffic and sales.

What can I achieve with my eCommerce digital marketing services?

Shopify and WooCommerce marketing is vital to the rise of your brand and no one succeeds without marketing efforts.

Marketing strategy

Before starting it is important to know where to go, what to do, what works, the frequency, the approach and how to follow up.

E-mail marketing

Bring your site to life with automation, tracking, branding, campaigns, predictive forecasting and more.

SMS Marketing

Accompany them immediately with automation, push notifications, promotions, campaigns + privacy compliance (US only).

Google Shopping

Full channel setup, Google ad account, tracking, product category allocation and budget.

Sales channels

Feed your products from Shopify and WooCommerce to Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many other eCommerce platforms.

Social strategy

I will create an action plan for Facebook, Instagram and others to maximise long-term success.

Facebook Ads

I target your exact audience and customers, perform brand awareness, set up pixel tracking and design Facebook ad campaigns ( META ).

Instagram Ads

I can get it all integrated and ready to go on the highest converting social media platform in history on Instagram through ads.


With all this marketing, it is probably important that your website converts at the highest possible level to maximise sales and minimise ad costs.

Blogs and contents

Blogs still work. Let me help you get organised in advance so you can focus on content that builds brand loyalty and sales.

Landing Pages

Custom landing pages for your email, social media and marketing campaigns. Set up giveaways, promotions, seasonal marketing and more.

Local SEO

Before you start paying for marketing it is important to make sure your Shopify and WooCommerce website design UK is set up for search engine optimisation on Google or Bing.

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