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I’m Mihai Dobre, a freelance SEO copywriter specialized in creating optimized content for online shops and dropshipping businesses with WordPress & WooCommerce, blogs, corporate websites, and more… supported by a team of SEO copywriting experts.


Freelance SEO Copywriter

I work with SMEs, entrepreneurs, Aliexpress Dropshipping stores, and institutions. I help you to increase your visibility, attract customers and connect with your audience through keyword targeting with SEO-oriented Content Marketing and Copywriting.

What is an SEO copywriter?

An SEO copywriter is a professional who is dedicated to writing web texts that meet the guidelines set by Google to attract traffic (visits) to a website. Therefore, the objective of the SEO copywriter is to improve the positioning of a page in the search engine results in an organic way. The higher a website ranks, the higher the chances of attracting potential customers for the business. It’s as simple as that.

I’m talking about SEO but you may be wondering: What is SEO?

SEO is the technique I use to position my web pages and those of my clients among the first results of a search engine in an organic way, that is, without paying the search engine to give you a privileged place. You can also call it: SAVING MONEY 🙂

SEO is the technique that I implement to get a search engine to raise your website or online store to the top of its ranking. When I talk about SEO the big search engine is Google, but in reality, you can do SEO on any platform that has a search engine (Aliexpress, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing…).

How do you get to the top positions in Google? By guessing what Google’s algorithm likes to give it and reward you with its love. A secret: the search engine, whatever it is, likes everything that is good for its customers, the users. After all, it lives off them… I can also call it: USER EXPERIENCE.

And you know what the algorithm likes? Content. But not just any content! It likes FRESH and sometimes technical content.

Think about it, what would a search engine like Google do without content? Nothing. Because Google, where you see it, doesn’t create content, it just ranks it and shows it to its users. The creator is you, your brand, your business (or the web content writer you hire). Without content, search engines disappear. 

What is my job as a Freelance SEO copywriter?

Easy to explain… My job is to research and write content that responds to the user’s search intent, that is, to generate texts for your website that meet the information needs of the potential customer to capture their attention, attract them to the business and help them move through the sales funnel.

A freelance SEO copywriter or a company dedicated to copywriting and SEO can give life to different texts, the most requested being blog articles, categories, and subcategories of an online store or the different sections of a website (home, services, who we are…).

How does a freelance SEO copywriter work?

As in all professions, every expert has his trick(s). So to answer this question I will tell you how I work as a freelance SEO copywriter for businesses worldwide.

I need to know you and your business: who you are, what your project is, who you are targeting, what you sell, what goals you are pursuing… I need to know in-depth what your business is about in order to write with results.

I am a detective: there are clients who know what they want and directly ask me for specific texts to respond to certain keywords and even provide me with sources of information. Others don’t know what topics to cover and I help them define their SEO text calendar. To do so, I study keywords, I research the competition, I document… I bring results and reports!

I write proffesional SEO texts: I create content, texts, and articles using SEO writing techniques and always writing for the user, not for the machine (this is the key to any text intended to position in Google). You will find in Google a lot of copy/paste SEO copywriters that will write your web texts in a MECHANICAL way that even Google will not understand them. STAY AWAY if you don’t want to alienate your potential customers!

If it is a blog article and the client requires it, I also layout the content directly in WordPress / WooCommerce so that he only has to give his OK and publish.

Is it really necessary to work the SEO in my store blog texts?

Definitely. No doubt about it. Content is the best fuel for SEO…. is the KEY.

Only high standard content: quality texts, unique and relevant to the user because they respond to their search intent, and that’s what you are looking for while reading here!

I’ve been working as a freelance SEO copywriter for a long time and I’ve seen how small online businesses competed with real titans of their sector thanks to the power of good texts.

Google has more than 75% of the search engine market share. It receives more than 95,000 searches per second.

Remember that clients are there in the searches. If you don’t create and optimize your texts with SEO criteria, your competitors will do it for you and take those clients away. And that’s not cool, is it?

And yes, you can write without working the content for SEO. But you will be wasting the potential of that content. You’ll still be invisible to Google and to the users who turn to it every day to find a dropshipping business like yours.

Here’s what you can achieve by working with a Freelance SEO copywriter

Improve your brand image

Quality content builds trust, helps connect with the user, and guides the customer in the final purchase decision.

SEO Visibility

Content Marketing is the most relevant positioning factor. An SEO copywriter knows what your audience needs.

Conversion rate

Visitors will stop passing by your website and will become customers….this means that potential sales will increase.

Savings on ads

Managed Content Marketing generates 3 times more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. You can do the math – it’s easy!

Create community / Feed PR

Engaging and focused content helps you build community, humanizes your brand, and fuels your social media.

Stand out from the crowd

Your business will become a benchmark and industry expert by offering valuable content that will attract new readers and potential customers who will buy if you have an online dropshipping store with Aliexpress.


I knew from Mihai’s sample work that this should be a good investment. Indeed my original impression was correct. He delivered a thoroughly researched and well-formatted article. He was initially prompt in his response to questions and delivered on deadline as agreed. When I have another need for SEO-optimized content creation, I will gladly order from Mihai again.

Mark, USA

Nice and Easy to work with, Mihai Dobre grabbed our specialist subject and made a great piece of content “Appear” with all the right keywords! I highly recommend his freelancer services for SEO Copywriting! Kind Regards, Lucy

Lucy, UK


300 words SEO optimized article

1 article 300 words of SEO optimized content for your blog wich includes:

  • 5 days delivery
  • 2 text revisions
  • Up to 300 words
  • 2 focus keywords
  • Topic Research
  • References & Citations
500 words SEO optimized article

1 article 500 words of SEO optimized content for your blog wich includes:

  • 7 days delivery
  • 2 text revisions
  • Up to 500 words
  • 2 focus keywords
  • Topic Research
  • References & Citations
1000 words SEO optimized article

1 article 1000 words of SEO optimized content for your blog wich includes:

  • 10 days delivery
  • 2 text revisions
  • Up to 1000 words
  • 3 focus keywords
  • Topic Research
  • References & Citations

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