Freelance Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?  Content marketing or how to create relevant and valuable content to attract a well-defined target audience, with the aim of encouraging them to be future clients.

Freelance Content Marketing Services

Freelance Content Marketing Services

In Mihai Dobre i put at your disposal a team specialized in the creation of content strategies adapted to the characteristics of your business and your target audience, so that your corporate blog helps you to position your brand and gain more visibility on the Internet, Same time as you build loyalty to your customers.



Content Marketing Strategy

I take care of designing your strategy by analyzing the characteristics of your commercial niche and the most appropriate keywords for the generation of your future content, with the objective that your blog can better position itself on the Internet and attract an audience of greater quality.

A good Content Marketing strategy should always be adapted to your target audience and aimed at favoring the consummation of the objectives set out on the Internet by your business plan. In addition, it is very important to work with these contents taking into account the rest of Digital Marketing actions that we are already implementing on our website or eCommerce.

Therefore, thanks to Mihai Dobre Digital Consulting service, i will also work with you advising on the generation of the most appropriate content for your corporate blog, focusing on helping you differentiate your company from the competition and taking into account the different stages of your sales funnel.


Corporate Blog Management

I manage the corporate Blog of your company or eCommerce! I put at your disposal a team of professionals specialized in advanced Blogging techniques and Digital Marketing, to take care of implementing the content strategy best suited to the objectives of your business.A Blog is key in 2 fundamental aspects of any Online Marketing plan:
  • First: improve the corporate digital communication of your organization and build loyalty to your customers.
  • Second: boost your SEO positioning strategy in search engines, such as Google.
These two qualities that this powerful communication tool possesses, allow your company or eCommerce to amplify its visibility and message in the different digital media. Since, this corporate Blog, not only gives you a greater presence in Google, but it is also an excellent combination for your social networks, where both parties reinforce each other.

Do not wait any longer to incorporate a Corporate Blog into your Marketing strategy and make your clients come to you, thanks to a relationship of mutual trust. In other words, we help you to incorporate this powerful tool as one of the central axes of the digital strategy of your business or brand.

Positioning for

Corporate Blog

SEO and content are the cornerstone on which the visibility of a brand on the Internet rests. And, if we take into account that the algorithms that determine the positioning of a website on Google evolve month by month, the health status of your corporate blog is of vital importance to your business.
When we talk about SEO, what maybe worked yesterday, may not be done today. However, a quality content, that which is relevant for the user, is one of the few factors that still remains constant over time. But, despite this, the competition for the first places in Google results is bestial. Which means that digital content has to be strategically designed, thinking about these two criteria:
  • That users like (be relevant to their needs).
  • To be liked by the search engines (be optimized for SEO).
Together these two criteria, are what we have specialized in recent years in Mihai Dobre. Therefore, i take care of helping you maintain or improve the positioning of your corporate blog by offering these services:

Keyword Research

I analyze the keywords that your potential clients use to find answers to their needs.

SEO Audit

SEO audit, determine the health status of your website and / or blog.

User experience

The structure and quality of the content are also fundamental for a better experience of our visitors.

On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO On-Page optimization, keeping your site in order is the basis of any digital visibility strategy.

Study of the competition

Study of the competition, knowing what works for them and what not to our competitors.

Link Building Strategy

Linkbuilding strategy, to boost the authority of your brand on the Internet.

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