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In my Freelance SEO Agency where i work for my clients worldwide, i design and implement the search engine positioning strategy that your website or eCommerce needs to improve its visibility in Google and, as a result, attract a greater number of potential customers from anywhere in the world.

SEO Audit

The first step of any strategy of organic positioning is always to check in what state of health all your pages are. And for this, i need to perform a complete SEO Audit of your website.

I will analyze the On-Page and Off-Page status of your site and detect which areas of the site need urgent improvement. I will also see which pages are better positioned and which need to continue strengthening their search engine positioning.

To carry out this exhaustive analysis and detect how the health of your pages is, i will use the most professional and powerful tools in the market. Because there are many aspects that we analyze in our Web Audit and it is in it that we will find the answers to why you do not have the visits you need or why you never reach the conversions that you have marked in your commercial objectives. Among many other analyzes, my SEO audits mainly examine:
Also, once this analysis is done, i give you suggestions on how you should solve or correct those errors. And, if you wish, i can make a free quotation so that we put ourselves in action and make those corrections and implement a new strategy of your Web Positioning.
  • How many pages are indexed
  • The keywords positioned.
  • The current errors and the structure of the Web.
  • If the pages have their corresponding H1, H2, etc.
  • If the meta descriptions are adequate.
  • If there is duplicate content.
  • The state of the images.
  • The cannibalization of Keywords
  • I perform an audit of external and internal links.
  • Study of the main competitors.
  • The architecture of the website or eCommerce.
  • The use that is being made of the categories.
  • And all the other variables that search engines take into account to decide whether a page should be positioned or not in the first places.

Web Positioning Strategy

According to the results of a previous Web Audit, i design the SEO positioning strategy that best suits the qualities of your site or eCommerce. I include:
  • Evaluation of the results of the audit.
  • Correction of detected errors.
  • Design a strategy to suit you.
  • Long-term SEO maintenance.

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and my job is to update your design, structure, Keywords and contents so they are traceable and relevant to them.

For this reason, once i have analyzed your website and i know the strengths and weaknesses that it has, i will begin my work correcting the errors that i have detected.

Then, i will create a new SEO positioning strategy. And for that, i will analyze what your competition does, to know who are the brands or companies that are better positioned than you and what keywords they are using. The idea is that this benchmarking will lead me to recognize who has the positioning that you need and how i could get you better positioned than them.

Now is when we are going to decide the strategy to follow and we are going to start up. That is, the most appropriate URLs, the most convenient keywords for each page, the best structure of internal links, etc. I will also define how we are going to face the Link Building strategy that is most convenient for your business model and type.

SEO On Page

At MihaiDobre.Com being a Freelancer i work and colaborate with a team of specialists, who will work on optimizing all the internal variables of your website that can affect your positioning, focusing primarily on the user experience (UX), the information architecture and the WPO (the factors related to the loading speed).

In short, we will work for your website or eCommerce to have a perfect On-Page health status. We will optimize all those errors or configurations that your Web has inside and that are affecting the good SEO positioning of it.This section of the positioning strategy depends 100% of what is implemented on your own website. Therefore, and taking advantage of the fact that it is an environment that we can control, we must optimize it to the maximum so that the rest of the external actions also work properly.In addition, we will perform a maintenance over time and study and monitor the values ​​of traffic analytics that throw us tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush and Ahrefs, among others, to avoid getting away from your goals and the way that we have marked.
I will design a relevant and quality Linkbuilding strategy, to bring authority to the product pages of your eCommerce or to the services of your website.Taking into account that the authority that your domain has on the Internet is still an important factor in SEO, thanks to my Link Building service, i will take care of managing and designing an external link strategy that provides the greatest possible relevance to the different pages of your site

Link Building Strategy

If you already have a well-taken care SEO On-Page, the external links that point to your pages will be fundamental so that they gain more authority. And this relevance that the Link Building will give to your website is what will help to push it towards the top positions of Google’s search results.This work should not be taken lightly and must be managed by a professional, since receiving inappropriate links or indiscriminately, can cause the opposite effect to what we seek. Therefore, when designing your Off-Page strategy, i will take care of building a very natural link profile.Ultimately, in your Link Building strategy i will be responsible for recognizing which websites are the most appropriate for quality, related topics and relevance, as to link to the URLs of your pages.
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