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Freelance Web Designer


Do you want to have your own website to sell your products online? As a Freelance Web Designer working with WordPress & Woocommerce, I know that attracting a lot of traffic is not enough to sell.

A proper online website will be the key to convert visitors into customers and not the other way around!

My work as a WooCommerce designer is to create online stores optimized for search engines, with a clean interface, and above all, oriented to offer a good user experience.

In addition, all my websites are characterized by being responsive designs, that is, they adapt to the screen of any mobile device without compromising speed or appearance.

And all these thanks to a careful design, modern, and based on web usability data.

WooCommerce online store design

The success of your e-commerce depends on many factors. One of them is the capacity of your website to generate good corporate emotion and also promote sales.

The structure is an important element in the design of WooCommerce online stores.

Using a clear, well-defined sketch and a powerful search engine will help your visitors to discover the product of their profit without haste.

As a freelance web designer Woocommerce, I put a lot of emphasis on optimizing the header and each page, both for the desktop and the mobile version.

What does the service include?


Create discount coupons and build customer loyalty based on a fixed price, percentage, user…


Ability to automatically create PDF invoices and send them to your customers by mail.

Taxes (VAT)

You will be able to create various types of taxes as well as display them in the online store.


You can manage the inventory of products, analyze it and display the stock available in the online store.


In your store you can create an unlimited number of products and categories according to your business needs.


I will configure any shipping method, by geographic area, store pickup, by user type…

Visual Editor

You will have a visual editor so that you can easily edit the contents of the web yourself, add or edit.


You will have a store with a unique design and adapted to all devices that will delight your most demanding customers.

Optimized Web

I will configure any shipping method, by geographic area, store pickup, by user type…


I will install and configure WordPress with WooCommerce step by step according to your business needs to sell online worldwide.

Optimized Theme

The template I will use will be very versatile to ensure the scalability of your project – your clients will fall in love at first sight!

Web Security

Your website will be fully protected against attacks and with an automatic backup system.

You will receive a Woocommerce design adapted to the requirements of your company and aimed at converting visits into sales.

TRAINING: You can access my articles in my blog to learn how to manage and modify the design of your online store at any time, or any element of the page. Adding products, managing stock, making invoices, etc…

WooCommerce design responsive to mobiles

With the development of technology, possessing a Woocommerce design responsive to mobiles and tablets is a tactical part of all e-commerce.

Having e-commerce that looks good on any device is a must if you want to position your Woocommerce store on Google.

A good design will attract the attention of your visitors and increase the duration of your web page, reducing the number of visitors who drop out in the first few moments.

On the other hand, the way the user navigates from the cell phone is different from the way he or she navigates from a laptop, so you need a designer who takes care of this aspect.

The UX design, oriented to mobile devices, will improve the usability of the site. Your visitors will love your platform: simple, without distracting environments, created to find the genres diligently and increase the conversion/sales percentage.

Online store design with Woocommerce

The product sheets are an essential factor in any online store since in order to sell you must justify and reveal your product in the best possible way. If your customer doesn’t understand or doesn’t know how to navigate the product, they won’t be able to make the purchase and will go to another competitor.

So your online store with Woocommerce should have a properly developed product identification design to prevail over your competition and stimulate the purchase of your target audience.

Your online store designed on WooCommerce

Get your online store designed in Woocommerce, and start generating income with your products easily and immediately.


Receive a clean, responsive, and modern web project, oriented to ease of use and where you don’t have to argue with codes.

MihaiDobre.Com, WooCommerce freelance web designer in the USA & Spain.