Frequently asked questions about WordPress & WooCommerce website design

A selection of the most common questions and answers I receive to help you make an informed decision.

Do I need a logo before launching my website?

You don’t need to have a logo to get started with WordPress or WooCommerce online website design. However, I always advise having an idea of what your business branding is going to look like.

The best WordPress and WooCommerce design themes and bespoke web designs will align with a company’s brand identity, whether it’s with matching colour schemes or bold words and slogans.

Luckily, the bespoke logo design UK is one of my strengths, if you’re looking for a logo and don’t currently have one, I can carry out the work for you.

Do you provide content for my WordPress or WooCommerce site?

I don’t provide content as standard for WordPress or WooCommerce web design, but I can offer you the service of writing SEO-focused content. The text can be text for pages, descriptions or product descriptions.

What are the fees to build a new store?

The fees for using your Shopify or WooCommerce website are available in monthly payment mode or per project single payment: 50% when the project starts and 50% when the project is finished and online.

What are WordPress and WooCommerce plugins?

WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are essentially add-ons for your shop or your website. There are thousands of them to choose from both free and paid and there is no end to customising WordPress through their use.

Please find the WordPress plugins here

Can you maintain my WordPress or WooCommerce shop once it is up and running?

Do I need separate hosting for Shopify? With Shopify, web hosting is included. Why do you need web hosting? You need web hosting if you want to put your online store on the World Wide Web. Essentially, everything on the internet is stored on a server somewhere. So yes, I can also provide support & maintenance for Shopify stores based on: media changes, text changes, speed optimization and other tweaks.

The WooCommerce websites in exchange are hosted in the client’s hosting account, which means everything is in one place. I will offer 24/7 support, even with the basic plan, so you know you have help when you need it.

I offer monthly support packages to help you with all aspects of design, functionality, applications, graphics and future upgrades. Find out more here.

What is the difference between WordPress and WooCommerce?

WordPress is a Content Management System while WooCommerce works inside WordPress to transform it into an eCommerce site. This means that you can use it to sell anything online. You can sell physical products, services, and digital products.

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress which means you need a WordPress website for which you have to pay a hosting fee, install the WooCommerce plugin, and then set up the store. However, if you already have an existing WordPress website, setting up WooCommerce is an easy process.

Where are you located and with which clients do you work?

Based in Marbella, Malaga – Spain ( where the weather is better 🙂 ) with a company and head office in the UK ( Mihai Dobre LTD ), I work with clients from all over the world including Spain, USA, Romania and other countries. I can work closely with your team via zoom and whatsapp to bring your vision to life.

When will my new WooCommerce online shop be ready?

I usually say between 1 and 3 weeks approximately (depending on the website design plan you choose), but if you provide me with your content quickly, and you have a deadline to meet, I will try to accelerate your build more quickly.

I will confirm the estimated time frame of your new online shop once we have had a chat and I have a clear idea of the work I will do for you.

If your WordPress or WooCommerce online shop will require special features or functionality, the timeframe may vary slightly depending on its complexity. In any case, I will keep you informed at all times.

As a general rule normally I can build your website in less than 20 working days!

How will I pay for the Shopify & WooCommerce web design?

  • For Shopify:  I will invoice you for the initial payment of £139 for the website design & configuration concept, which will be paid by bank transfer, card or PayPal before the start of the project. The rest of the contract duration will be paid by monthly subscription direct to Shopify. So each month you will pay a 29$ fee to keep online your shop built with Shopify.
  • For WordPress and WooCommerce: I will invoice you for the initial payment, 60% of which will be paid by bank transfer before the start of the project. For the rest of the contract duration, the 40% left will be paid by the bank, credit/debit card or Paypal of your choice.

In the WooCommerce web design if you pay for the service by credit/debit card each month you will be charged the exact amount according to the monthly plan chosen. Otherwise, if you do not want to be tied to monthly payments and contracts you can pay the total project at 60% – 40%.

If you need to hire any extra Shopify, WordPress and WooCommerce web design service tweaks please contact me without obligation to ask for a custom quote. I will reply within 24 hours.