What is the Hot Sale? Keys to increasing your sales!

What is the Hot Sale Mexico 2021?

The Hot Sale Mexico 2021 is an annual event created by the eCommerce industry in Mexico and promoted by the Mexican Association of Online Sales – AMVO – with the aim of helping online businesses to generate sales in months when historically very little is sold. That’s why it is ideal to help eCommerce to rebound sales from the first months of the year, to move inventory and to capture the attention of new customers.

Practically all of Mexico Hot Sale 2021 major brands know this and are actively participating in the Hot Sale with special promotions that you can find by visiting their specific sections for the event.

Some of the promotions of these prestigious brands are:

  • Liverpool Hot Sale,
  • Coppel Hot Sale,
  • Sears Hot Sale,
  • Walmart Hot Sale or
  • Elektra Hot Sale.

But the real value of the Hot Sale Mexico 2021 is in the tens of thousands of independent online stores that join the initiative. Don’t think that the Hot Sale is only for the big ones! Your eCommerce can also benefit from this date.

When is the Hot Sale 2021?

This year’s Hot Sale will run from May 23 through May 31, making it the longest-running Hot Sale. This will be one of the key differences of the Hot Sale 2021. This will demand from participating e-Commerce companies special strategies and skills to keep the attention of potential consumers.

How do I register for the Hot Sale?

You can register your store directly on the AMVO website without having to be a member. However, AMVO associates have preferential prices.

Remember that there are different levels of sponsorship when you register your brand, all with unique benefits and advantages. We share with you the official AMVO sponsorship guide for this Hot Sale 2021!

You have time to register until May 18. From that date, you will be able to make use of the official Hot Sale 2021 logos and launch the first campaigns in your online store.

What are the benefits of the Hot Sale?

  • Increase in sales: Companies that participated in Hot Sale 2020 sold 60% to 80% more and gained an average of 30% new customers. Compared to 2019, the Hot Sale 2020 campaign generated a 158% increase in sales.
  • Increased web traffic: AMVO reported more than 110 million searches related to the Hot Sale. In other words, there is an enormous amount of web traffic linked to the keyword “hot sale” from which your store can benefit if you participate. This is reflected in the 12.3 million Mexicans who bought during the Hot Sale 2020.
  • Increased social media interactions: WooCommerce online store owners in Mexico report increases in interactions of five to four times the volume during the Hot Sale. People are more willing to ask about your product or service!

Without a doubt, the Hot Sale is the main online sales campaign in Mexico and you have to make the most of it.

Hot Sale México 2021: Strategies to sell more

1. Diffuse your efforts!

The Hot Sale Mexico 2021 comes in a year where eCommerce has grown more than 81% in Mexico. Therefore, competition will be fierce. And it is very likely that Hot Sale promotions, campaigns, and messages will start two or even three weeks before the date of the event. So that you don’t “burn all the cartridges” before time, I recommend you:

Create expectations in your audience

Place banners, small banners, short videos, and logos alluding to “something is going to happen” to lead the way and build anticipation for the Hot Sale in Mexico 2021. For example, you can update your 2020 Hot Sale page to announce the arrival of the 2021 Hot Sale. This is an excellent idea since customers who bought from you in 2020 know about the Hot Sale, know and consume your brand and will probably look for offers to repeat their purchases in the Hot Sale 2021. We give you this great example of Tugow with its Hot Sale 2021.

Another option is to create a landing page exclusively for the Hot Sale as Tanya Moss did for the 2020 Hot Sale. We share with you this guide on how to create a landing page for your eCommerce!

Focus on generating leads

This type of campaign usually starts one month in advance. During those first weeks the most important thing is to generate leads. Don’t try to force early sales, on the contrary, add value with webinars, informative content, user guides and any other content or added value that will allow you to fatten your email list and your potential customer base. The goal is not to sell, it is to create a potential customer base.

🔥 Expert advice: A tip-in on how to develop your marketing strategy for Hot Sale 2021:

“Start by identifying the buyer persona and based on that decide what you can offer them of value. And before selling, offer them valuable content: for example, a webinar in which you talk about the main tools to be more productive. Those first webinar strategies are oriented to capture contacts, to generate leads”.

2. Offer more than discounts!

If you only launch discounts you are going to fall by the wayside. There are 8 days of promotions and brands, historically, usually offer discounts of more than 50%. Especially the big commercial platforms such as Liverpool, Coppel, Sears, and Walmart to name a few. It is the most competitive and aggressive date in terms of discounts. You have to make a difference without going broke. For this I recommend:

Sell an exclusive experience

Creating VIP lists for your customers to get trial products, exclusive or limited series products, or even new arrivals that you are not yet going to put on the web for the general public, is an excellent way to build loyalty, capture attention and compete with the aggressive discounts of the Hot Sale.

Another option, instead of giving discounts, is to offer presales and “limited stock” prior to the Hot Sale, as the furniture store Tugow does in their furniture website.

Create bundles or kits

It is easier to take a discount when you offer a bundle of products. This allows you to amortize the discount money over two or more items and is an attractive way to cross-sell and move inventory that otherwise might not be available. Mora Market, for example, offers situational and event-specific product kits, such as the “After Party” kit.

✅ A tip for you – As an expert in Dropshipping stores worldwide I bet on selling experiences as a strategy for Hot Sale 2021:

“You have to create a strategy with unique experiences: Happy Hour, surprise gifts, and interest-free months. Don’t just launch “25% off across the store” discounts. Create bundles and kits to distribute the discount on several products. Plus, if you put these kits together, you can put products in there that you already have stragglers and move inventory.”

3. Get closer to your customers

You need to be active and make your audience feel you are present both in terms of variety of offers and customer service. It is a frenetic week of uploading content, refreshing the website and attending to potential customers. Especially those who are approaching your e-commerce for the first time, which according to statistics, will be the vast majority: more than 60% of buyers make their first purchase during the Hot Sale. To attract these new customers we recommend you:

Keep all communication channels open

Your eCommerce needs to have multiple ways to respond to questions, doubts or requests from potential customers. An integrated chat, quick access buttons to social networks and Whatsapp Business as an instant messaging option are excellent channels for you to serve everyone who approaches your eCommerce. The Virtual Butcher Shop in Mexico, for example, offers its WhatsApp channels and social networks to get closer to its customers through direct communication channels.

  • Save

Offers different types of discounts

With 8 days of extension you need to have variety in your discount offer. Launch progressive discounts, the highest at the end and the lowest at the beginning. Remember that if you have an early bird program the discounts you offer should not exceed the early bird discount, otherwise those who bought from you will feel cheated. Be very careful with this!

🔥 I remind you how important the rotation of discounts is in this year’s Hot Sale because of its long extension:

“Promotions are usually changed every day: one day 2×1, the other 3×2, the next 1 free. As it lasts almost ten days, it is very difficult to keep people’s attention for such an aggressive campaign”.

4. Lean on the Hot Sale brand!

The Hot Sale as a brand has grown enormously in the last four years. The AMVO assures that 7 out of 10 Mexicans know the Hot Sale brand and consider it a prestigious brand. Take advantage of that and register on the official Hot Sale website! If you do, your brand will appear among the companies participating in the event. And this in itself represents an increase in traffic and visibility. We share with you the example of how the section of companies participating in the Hot Sale 2021 is at the moment.

AMVO also offers support materials for participating companies and for all those interested in developing campaigns related to the Hot Sale. We share with you this AMVO webinar with marketing tips for the Hot Sale.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity – success!

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Do I have to pay to participate in the Hot Sale?

Yes, the Hot Sale is a private initiative promoted by AMVO and to participate you must pay a registration fee.

Do I have to be a member of AMVO to register?

No. You can register without being a member of AMVO but if you are a member, you will have access to reduced rates in the different registration modalities.

Can my eCommerce store sign up for the Hot Sale Mexico 2021?

Yes, all eCommerce owners can register their online store for the Hot Sale México 2021.

Can I register for the Hot Sale if I am not a Mexican company?

Yes, the event is open to companies that sell online in Mexico. You do not necessarily have to be a Mexican company. The important thing is that you distribute your products in Mexico.



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