20 ways to increase your blog traffic

How to increase website traffic

Do not know what to do to increase the traffic of your blog? Then this article is going to keep you in front of your computer, because i’ll tell you more or less than 20 unique ways to increase your traffic. There is no magic or miracles on what im gonna explain you here. As always, i only tell you things that i have tried myself and also wich i learned from the big ones, and that have worked for me in my projects.

I have to tell you that some I like more, others less. But I can guarantee you that it works … It works! It will work!

20 ways to increase your blog traffic

Remember! You do not have to squeeze them all at once or in the same project. As in everything, it is about you trying and that you stay with what you think is best for you according to the case. You have to choose!

1.- Create new and different things

Dare to do new and different things, if you do the same things that others do, you do not stand out. See what happens! There may be things that do not work for you, but doing the same is not going to improve your results either, right? Everything is to try.

You can see in my this example .. one of my websites called JuegosdePinypon.Com in Spain for the Spanish people ( PinyPon Toys ). It was shown in a high audience blog and it was a novel and interesting content. It’s not because I wrote it, but you should read it. After a short period of time now has: 53 Organic Keywords and 9 Organic Traffic is not bad.

Juegos de Pinypon

2.- Name the things… your things

This point is very important and I consider myself good at it. 0 modesty. 🙂

What’s that about naming things? I do it with everything and with every project i create: interlinking, opportunity keywords, derived keywords, etc.

Baptize actions, strategies or concepts and put your stamp, sooner or later you will report repercussion, mentions, references … And traffic! I tell you from experience.

When you realize that they become popular and people already use directly those names that you have created, it allows you to post the mentions that people make using Google Alerts and it gives you many Link Building opportunities through mentions (but this I will explain it later maybe in a video in my Youtube Channel #mihaidobre).

Few months ago reading Derek’s Halpern website, the owner of Socialtriggers.com, i learned that naming things can rank up in Google, can attract people because is new and fresh content. I can not find the video of Dereck in which he explains it but looking among them i found another one that I also liked in his day and in which he names his technique.. i hope you will enjoy it.

3.- Show numbers people love numbers

Reinforce with figures and results what accounts will give you greater credibility. Credibility is synonymous with trust. And trust is what will allow you to get more recurring visits and reach more people. Numbers and statistics like it because we’re all really a little curious. It is a fact.

I will give you an example .. a good one from Pat Flynn and his monthly income report.

Numbers of Pat Flynn 2018

4.- Put many outbound links to influential blogs

Of course, links with common sense and contextualized with what you are telling. As you will see, this article is full of them, for something it will be 😉

Many times it is a question of pure luck and that link can turn you into a mention, a retweet or another link. Of course, it is not too much to give karma a little push and you can send an email to the author of that influential blog that you have linked. Without asking for anything and without running over, huh? Simply, with good vibes and informative.

Oh i almos forgot! All the outgoing links that you create has to be Dofollow, please, so in this way Google will take it into account. All the external links that you will find in this post (many) are Dofollow and do you see me nervous? No! It has to be like this and you should do it too!

5.- Give examples of real cases that reinforce your affirmations

Nothing like referencing a practical and real case to bring more credibility to your article and capture more interest. The real examples have a great didactic value to reinforce the information. And you know, the higher value contributions to the reader is better.

For example in this post Neil Patel was kind to explain us and talk about 5 Ways to get SEO Traffic in a Hard Niche. You will be amazed! Go go and read!

This will also allow you to create outbound links that I explained to you before, but not towards people but also towards media, blogs, entities, associations, fan groups, … Whatever! It all adds up.

5.- Recycle own content with other formats

Looking outside to find inspiration is fine, but do not stop looking inside too. If you have a time with your blog and you have enough content, check everything you have written about a specific topic, recycle and organize that content and take advantage of it to give it a new format and create new content that adds value to your audience.

For example, if you have a Marketing Online blog and have written several articles about Facebook Ads of the type: how to create an ad from scratch, how to segment a campaign, how to work with the copy of your ads, how to launch two simultaneous campaigns with A / tests B, etc. Why not rescue all those post and create a new content of the style “Everything you need to know to petarlo with Facebook Ads”?

When you have a content that has worked, adapt it to other communication channels giving it a twist. Transform a post into a Youtube video or for Snapchat, make a podcast, microformats for Twitter, infographics … Whatever you can think of. Always be clear that there are people who may be interested in what you are telling on different platforms.

Here is another example of how you can recycle your own post on a theme to turn them into a blogging guide for beginners in this case. Fresh content, you work the internal linkbuilding, you bring value to your audience and you get new possibilities to increase your reach. Everyone happy!

6.- Anticipate the doubts and solve them

If you know what you are talking about and you know your target audience, this is what you have. But, for that, you must thoroughly analyze how is your target audience (which does not have to be the same in all articles of your blog), what you need, what doubts you may have, what you are worried about, etc. And create content to serve all that on a platter. These contents are great!

Do not take anything for granted. Put yourself in the skin of the person you want to reach and offer in each case what you need. It is like what I commented in a previous point about creating specific contents that allow you to “attack” very specific audiences, according to, for example, your level of knowledge about the topic to be discussed.

If you are going to create a content about SEO aimed for beginners, keep in mind that you should not abuse technicalities and that before talking about linkbuilding techniques you will have to explain what linkbuilding is.

You should not take anything for granted, but just the opposite. Analyze all the possible doubts a beginner may have in the subject in question and offer the solution on a platter.

Imagine that you do a tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog from zero aimed for newbies. Apart from the info on all the steps to install the WP, a novice user can easily come up with another million related questions, such as how to install Google Analytics on the web. Conclusion: create adapted content.

Assume what to anticipate and solve doubts like a mission. Your readers will thank you and the reward will come in the form of likes, shares, mentions, comments, links, engagement, etc., etc.

7.- Write or do something about series that have a lot of followers

There are topics that have a lot of pull because they have a legion of followers. Why not take advantage of them?

That is, pull creativity and create, for example, an article on Dragon Ball applied to marketing, the style “how would Songoku make a recipe blog” or a study of funny keywords.

Move the article in other points that I have already mentioned above: forums (Dragon Ball), Facebook groups (Dragon Ball), in the Naruto (do not underestimate the power of rivalries and haters), and try viralize it, etc. The same with football, Eurovision or any other truism with millions of fans.

8.- Take advantage of hashtags

Hashtags are for something and you have to take advantage of them. Having said that, do not miss it either, you’ll look like an idiot XD… Even if people this days are talking about cats, dogs or bread they use the hashtags everywhere .. Facebook , Twitter and so on.

The fact is that hashtags work, I have more than proven with tags type #work #freelance, #marketing, #mihaidobre etc. 🙂 Research the related hashtags that can help you to give a boost to your content and mess.

In this article, they give you some tips to start taking better advantage of hashtags in social networks and, with that, to achieve a greater reach for your content.

9.- A paid ebook? Yes that’s right!

Giving away ebooks in exchange for something is crap. Yes, that’s clear. I say it on my website and I will always say it. At this point everyone does it and that’s why it does not strain anymore. But … there is another thing you can do instead of giving away an ebook. I tell you.

Make that same ebook of high quality, put it on sale for $ 19.90 and give a % of 100% to affiliates. I repeat: 100%! Talk to influencers and you’ll see how they do the work for you. Now you can go home, you’ve done it! Haha joking 😀

Conclusion: You have the same income (zero) but the influencers talking about you, associating your brand with yours and giving you a lot of reach 🙂

In case you dare, here is a short video of “How can you build your Ebook in 30 seconds” that will help you get in shape to create an ebook from scratch. Do not stop telling me how you have done with the influencers! 😉

10.- Retweet your old articles

At this point there is so much noise that the reach of Twitter has gone to hell, as well as to 1.4%. So do your followers a favor and retweet or re-share your tweets by changing the message. Recover your old items and put them back into circulation.

This action will not take you any time, because they are content that you already have, and can help you increase traffic to your blog. So … take your old items out of the souvenir trunk and share them again. People will love them!

11.- Improve your titles

This is super important, almost as much as the content … Let your titles be the host!

Keep in mind that the title is the cover letter and represents the first impression that your content will generate. If your article is great, but the title creates indifference, you’re screwed.

The title is your great opportunity to capture the attention on your content in thousandths of a second. There are millions of new articles a day circulating on the Internet, that is, yes or yes you have to stand out. And the title is your opportunity. Then there is the content, of course, that has to accompany, but for that before they will have to reach it.

12.- Make SEO Onpage and SEO Offpage

Here are thousands of things to say. Web architecture, indexing, titles, derived keywords, … etc

You know what? I’ve come up, so I’ll create a post with 101 SEO Onpage things to improve 🙂 in your website.

13.- Use images that draw attention

Also work at maximum the images of your articles. That they are well treated, that they are attractive and that they attract attention. The articles with images have 94% more visits than they do not have, so you know … Use even memes and animated gifs from time to time. What do you want me to say? People like it!

Remember that content is not just text: they are images, they are graphics, they are videos, podcasts, infographics (grrr), etc. Everything adds up and a good image can help you stand out and capture attention in thousandths of a second.

14.- If you are making videos, transcribe them and publish them

Since you’ve created that video content, express it. If you transcribe the video information you are creating an indexable content that can bring you long-tail traffic that always comes in handy.

15.- Comments on Youtube channels of influencers

Since we are with YouTube, I will tell you that something that works wonders is to look for channels of great influencers (with millions of subscribers) and leave a comment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Yes, subscribe to hardcore mode for all notifications and push.

Leave your binder by putting bold and things like that. Think that a channel with a few million subscribers is like a gold mine. Of course, do not spend spreading, please!. Remember always! Common sense!

16.- Facebook Groups

Facebook groups also work with care if you add value to the community. It is not worth casting the link to your article and period. Share an image and text that are attractive and that show how much your article will help the other members of the group.

Work on copywriting by sharing your content (problem-solution) also in Facebook groups. Something like version 2.0 of what we said when talking about the forums, but to the social. Sara Peterson explains it wonderfully in this article.

17.- Pay for Facebook Ads

As much as they say, this is still very little exploited, especially if we talk about publications of pure and hard content, and it works of care. With $ 1 a day you can get 1,000 visits. How this sound? Goooood! 😀 I will talk in other posts about Facebook ads

18.- Cross promotion with other blogs

What is good is called “friend building” or I mention you and you mention me. Hey, that also works …, that’s what it’s about.

This days who doesen’t have friends? And if you don’t you are looking for them! Sometimes you will have to go to look for them and other times, if your blog starts to pull, the “friends” will also come to you. Of course, not everything goes. Since you have to look for them, filter and worry about finding the right “friends”. And if they reach you directly, the same.

In this article of Salesforce.com you will find some tips that can be useful to you to articulate your cross promotion relationships and identify new allies to give more diffusion to your contents.

19.- Use opinion forums to attract traffic

The opinion forums are there. And they are free. People comment, share information, debate, raise problems, doubt, etc. Using opinion forums is another resource that can help you attract traffic.

Yes, as in the case of comments with other blogs, with criteria and common sense. It is not about fitting links right and left, but to participate in the conversation and “add value” in some way with the link in question. Otherwise, you will soon be cataloged as a spammer and your link will not survive the moderators.

This technique was used by Matthew Woodward in his beginnings, as he explains in his infinite post on how to make a 100 blogs.

I advise you to use Google footprints to find threads where people talk about things that you solve on your website.

20.- Create specific content to “attack” different audiences

This comes to me that neither to the hair with the previous point of creating contents type tutorials and guides of use. Many times, tutorials and use guides do not take into account that different types of audiences have the same learning needs, but they need a version more adapted to their specific level of knowledge (beginner, medium, advanced).

Play with that to create your tutorials and use guides and give the different audiences what they need.

Attacking a specific audience implies renouncing another, but you will get better to whoever you want to reach in each case. And, in the end, that’s what counts: give users what they need, to give them value, to share it, to follow you, to recommend you, etc. Rubén Mañez made the best guide I know to segment your buyer persona, but it works perfect also for your “reader persona”.

You know what? I’ve already tired of myself …!

I am thinking on writing more tips like this will do the benefit for everyone … so YES! Comming soon new ideas on how to get more traffic! I will update this article with fresh ideas and content.

So … It’s your turn! QUESTION OF TODAY! (Now you will hear the trumpet and drums sound :)) just kidding hahaha )…

Can you think of any other way to gain traffic? Leave a comment and if it is good and it is not in this list I will include it in the article of mihaidobre.com with a link for your help. Come on, you can get a link for free!

See you soon!

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