SEO Content Writer UK

I help you to create SEO focused content to rank higher in Google.

Are you having difficulty attracting new visitors to your website and many of them leave without buying? It’s because of poorly written content on your website and a lack of copywriting services uk.

Let’s change this!

Or, if you’re about to launch a new website, let’s skip this demotivating scenario altogether, shall we?

Website Copywriting Services

I’ve been writing SEO content for websites and online shops for over 7+ years and I know what I’m doing. My professional copywriting services for eCommerce shops can really create an amazing impact on sales, branding, reputation, customer service emails and more.

The best part is that all the content I do is written and optimised for search engines.

My SEO content writing services will help you get these visitors to do what you want them to do.

They will read all the information about your company, arrange a meeting, buy a course from you, share an article with their inner circle, write a review and even hire your services.

SEO content writing services

SEO content writing is a powerful tool that enhances the image, attractiveness, confidence, personality and memorability of shops.

Product description

Product descriptions should sell as if the customer is right there. I do this + add search engine optimisation to make it more successful on Google.

Text on page

Collection paragraphs, FAQs, rewards language, special announcements, policy pages, legal notices and just about anything with SEO-focused wording.

Company biographies

Shops tend to always see more sales if they have a page with a real, relatable story. Let me create a fantastic story about your brand and your business.

I work with SMEs, entrepreneurs and WooCommerce online shops in different sectors and activities. I help you increase your visibility, attract customers and connect with your audience through keyword targeting and SEO oriented articles and content.

SEO content writer UK

A freelance SEO content writer UK like me is a professional who is dedicated to writing web texts and quality content that meet the guidelines set by Google to attract traffic (visits) to a website. Therefore, the objective of the SEO content copywriter is to improve the positioning of a page in the search engine results in an organic way. The higher a website ranks, the better the chances of attracting potential customers to the business. It is as simple as that.

I’m talking about SEO, but you may be wondering: What is SEO Content Copywriting?

SEO content writing is the technique I use to rank my websites and those of my clients among the first results of a search engine organically, that is, without paying the search engine to give you a privileged place. It can also be called: SAVING MONEY 🙂 .

SEO is the technique that I implement to get a search engine to raise your website or online shop to the top of its ranking. When I talk about SEO the big search engine is Google, but in reality, you can do SEO on any platform that has a search engine (Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing…).

How do you get to the top of Google’s rankings? By guessing what Google’s algorithm likes and giving it to you so that it rewards you with its love. A secret: the search engine, whatever it is, likes everything that is good for its customers, the users. After all, it lives from them… I can also call it THE END USER EXPERIENCE ( UX ).

And you know what the algorithm likes? Content. But not just any content. It likes FRESH and sometimes technical content.

Think about it, what would a search engine like Google do without content? Nothing. Because Google, where you see it, doesn’t create content, it just ranks it and shows it to its users. The creator is you, your brand, your business (or the web content writer you hire). Without content, search engines disappear.

What does my work as an SEO Copywriter consist of?

Easy to explain… My job is to research and write content for your blog and product categories or collections that respond to the user’s search intent, that is, to generate texts for your website that meet the information needs of the potential customer to capture their attention, attract them to the business and help them move through the sales funnel.

A freelance SEO copywriter or a company that is dedicated to copywriting and SEO can bring different texts to life, the most requested being blog articles, categories and subcategories of an online shop.

How does a freelance SEO content writer UK work?

As in all professions, every expert has their trick(s). So to answer this question I’ll tell you how I work as a freelance SEO copywriter all over the world, including the UK, Romania, Spain and the US.

  • I need to know you and your business: who you are, what your project is, who you are targeting, what you sell, what your goals are… I need to know in-depth what your business does in order to write with results.
  • I am a detective: there are clients who know what they want and ask me directly for specific texts to respond to certain keywords and even provide me with sources of information. Others don’t know what topics to cover and I help them define their SEO text calendar. To do this, I study the keywords, I research the competition, I document… I provide results and reports!
  • I write texts: I create content, texts and articles using SEO writing techniques and always write for the user, not for the machine (this is the key to any text-oriented to Google positioning). You will find in Google a lot of copy/paste SEO copywriters that will write your web texts in a MECHANICAL way that not even Google will understand. Stay away if you don’t want to alienate your potential clients!

If it is a blog article and the client requires it, I also layout the content directly in WordPress so that they only have to give their approval and publish it.

Here's what you can achieve by working with a SEO Copywriter UK

Improve your brand

Quality content builds trust, helps to connect with the user and guides the customer in the final purchase decision.

SEO visibility

Content marketing is the most important positioning factor. An SEO copywriter knows what his audience needs.

Conversion rate

Visitors will stop passing by your website and become customers…. which means that potential sales will increase.

Saving on advertising

Managed content marketing generates 3 times more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. You can do the maths, it’s easy! Saving on advertising.

Building a community

Engaging and focused content helps you build a community, humanises your brand and fuels your social media.

Rank #1 in Google

Your company will become a reference and an industry expert offering valuable content that will attract new customers.

If you are interested in hiring my SEO-optimised copywriting and content writing services, please contact me without obligation using the form below. I will answer your questions and doubts the same day.

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