Social Media Consultant

Would you like your social networks to really boost your online reputation and boost your business sales by having me as your Social Media Consultant & Strategist? Welcome aboard!

As a Freelance Social Media Consultant i want to help you obtain the results you are looking for with your presence in social networks. Therefore, i customize and manage your social profiles, based on a strategy and consulting in Social Media Marketing adjusted to the needs of your business or brand and the characteristics of your potential customers.

Social Media Consultant


A more successful presence in social networks begins with the creation of a professional Social Media Strategy. I design your Marketing plan in social networks so you can establish a solid and mutual trust relationship with the social community of your company or eCommerce.

I take care of determining the strategy and planning that your company needs to start up in social media. My goal is that you can answer the doubts and needs of your community or potential clients yourself.

Therefore, thanks to my consulting service, i will also be by your side advising on the generation of content and marketing actions appropriate for your social profiles, focusing on helping you differentiate your company from the competition, so that it is a reference in your sector

I will define specific objectives, with you, together. I like the things well done. And that’s why i am going to assess those metrics that tell me how the strategy is working.

I like the transparency! I prepare a forecast of the expenses that may appear in the management of a digital strategy, so you do not have any problems.

In addition, i will prepare a plan so that i can address possible negative comments that appear on social networks. Better to prevent than to act in a crisis, do not you think?

On a regular basis i will perform analytics regularly and give you a report. I need to measure and verify that the strategy is working and i will need to detect areas for improvement.

Leave in the hands of a professional the management and care of your social community. The figure of the Community Manager has a lot of weight in the success or failure of a Social Media strategy. Have you stopped to think that it is he who has direct contact with your current or potential client? This is one of the main reasons why you need to professionalize this service.

Community Manager


With this service i offer you to manage all your social networks from a previous study of what is your company philosophy, your values ​​and your business vision.I create and publish the specific contents for each stage of your strategy, adapting the tone to your community and the characteristics of your different social platforms.I also offer you the opportunity to help you make your customer service in social networks more personalized and effective, which reinforces the strengths of your company and complements your commercial department.

Advertising in Social


Every day more, the algorithms that decide the visibility of the content in social networks shorten a little more the natural or organic scope of the publications that you do in your profiles.

Taking into account this drop in visibility, designing an advertising campaign well targeted to your target audience has become a very important task within a Professional Social Media Plan. Therefore, i will take care of managing and reinforcing your visibility in social networks through Social Ads.

This is the reason why creating advertising campaigns on Social Networks is more than necessary. And for this, it is key to understand how these algorithms act to take advantage of their advantages. From Mihai Dobre, i want to boost your visibility designing the Social Ads campaigns suitable for the main platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin.

It’s time for you to make more profitable your investment by optimizing the campaigns and always segmenting them to that audience that interests you.I want the investments to be directed to the potential customers that your business needs. Get qualified leads and quality visits for your website.
Social Media Consultant
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