What is Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to implement a fully functional online store on a website.

This plugin includes everything you need to start selling online:

The store pages, cart, my account, and the checkout page, the most used payment methods in the world (bank transfer, PayPal and Stripe), a system to configure different types of taxes and shipping costs by zones, etc.

Of course, it also allows the upload of an unlimited number of products for sale, being able to add their price, descriptions (one short and one long), variations of the same, etc.

In short, WooCommerce is one of the options available to create an online store.

The plugin was created by the company WooThemes in 2011, which little was expected to become a revolution in e-commerce.

Such was the success of WooCommerce that Automattic, the company in charge of WordPress (from WordPress.com), bought WooThemes in 2015 for about $30 million.

Since its exit, it has not stopped growing and getting followers who use it to create their virtual businesses, and today it has been downloaded more than 32 million times, it has more than 3 million active installations.

In other words, about 30% of online stores worldwide are made with WooCommerce.

What advantages does WooCommerce offer?

One of the main advantages of using WooCommerce to create an online store is its ease of use.

Obviously, its usability is marked by WordPress, and if this is the CMS with the easiest learning curve, WooCommerce had to follow in the same line.

If you have experience with WordPress, you won’t have much trouble getting hold of the plugin’s options. And if you don’t, it will be easier for you to learn how to use both than if you start from scratch with another content management system intended for setting up virtual stores.

Another great advantage is that you can customize your online store in a thousand and one ways thanks to the plugins that exist, and besides, you can create as many pages as you need and even have a blog next to your store.

Although some functions are not standard in WooCommerce, you can easily implement them by installing a plugin.

An example is the creation of invoices each time a customer places an order. This functionality does not come by default but can be easily implemented by installing WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.

The possibilities are endless thanks to the vast community behind WordPress and WooCommerce.

And finally, in case you need to hire me for the development of an online store for your business, it will be cheaper to hire the web design of an online store with WooCommerce than with another more complex CMS developed for eCommerce (Prestashop, Magento…) or doing it from scratch.

What can I do with WooCommerce?

Okay, with this plugin you can create an online store, but is its use limited to selling products?

Absolutely not, you can do many more things. Here is a list of some of the uses you can give it. Some of them can be done with WooCommerce as standard and for others you need to use some extension:

  • Sell physical products to any part of the world (standard)
  • Sell digital downloadable products (standard).
  • Sell affiliate products from other stores (standard).
  • Show buttons to add a product to the cart on any page of the website (standard).
  • Create events and sell tickets on the website to attend (with The Events Calendar)
  • Sell subscriptions and charge customers recurrently (with WooCommerce Subscriptions).
  • Create a membership site and hide web content from users who have not purchased a product (with WooCommerce Memberships).
  • Etc.

As you can see, there are lots of things to do, and I’m sure I’ll leave some more. But the idea that WooCommerce is ideal for selling anything on the Internet I think is clear.

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