Thanks to the good positioning of my website, many people visit my blog every month, they want to learn to improve their businesses with Digital Marketing Strategies i offer as a Freelancer.

This visibility, to a large extent, has helped me boost my image and professional reputation, making Mihai Dobre and its contents a reference point worldwide in the Digital World.

All this, added to my work with international clients, has also given me the possibility to transform my passion for training, Digital Marketing and the Internet into a sustainable and profitable business.

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digital marketing services

Improve your positioning on the Internet and, at the same time, create and manage a community around your own brand, are the fundamental pillars of any digital strategy focused on improving the visibility and profitability of your business using my digital marketing freelance services.

SEO Strategies

I design and implement strategies for SEO that improves the visibility and conversions of your website or eCommerce store.

Social Media

I manage the community in social networks of your business and design the advertising campaigns that your digital strategy needs.

Content Marketing

I stand out for my great experience managing and building Corporate Blogs and designing Content Marketing strategies.

WordPress Web Design

I have a true passion for developing websites, and this is what i do best. My websites are designed and built with every device in mind – from the smallest smartphone to the largest display.

Digital Marketing Services

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Find the latest information about: SEO, SEM, Adwords, eCommerce, DropShipping, Website Design, Woocommerce, Digital Marketing and more.

Client Reviews

Find some of the reviews from my clients

Mihai Dobre solved all the problems of my website very favorably, has been very attentive to the details, behaved very professional throughout this process with remarkable results. Very happy. I recommend 100%.
Dan Popescu
I highly value the service provided by Mihai Dobre for my business, not only because Mihai has solved each of the specific needs I have had, but also because it has been adapted to the real needs of my business and I have been offered several alternatives.Mihai's language is direct, simple and adequate, so I have great confidence in her experience and the work he does for my business.I recommend the services of Mihai Dobre to any company or individual and valued his work with 5 STARS.
Vanessa Perez Novo
I can say that the impeccable work Mihai Dobre did in my online store, will bring me many benefits, because he knows how to carry out his work, is correct with the deal and also has one thing that I value very much: seriousness and punctuality. We are really going to work together for a long time and I will recommend it 100% to everyone who asks me. THANKS MIHAI
Pedro Inglemo